Thursday, May 16, 2013

Just a week and a half left!

My 3 older kids have done well in public school. They have all grown and proved to themselves that they could do it. I am really proud of them. They have made some good friends, I have been complimented and thanked for raising such nice kids to befriend other kids. They have learned some things we would have never covered. They've gotten to go on field trips and be part of performances. They have each been recognized for high acheivement in various ways. I am really pleased. I am also really glad that this time period is almost over. I am excited for them to get back to studying Greek, Latin, math at their own pace, lots of music, and more time together to work in chores and practicing and reading throughout the day instead of concentrated outside of school hours. I am also excited to go on hikes, to fun places and do learning activities at home and around. #4 has been making huge leaps of improvement in his vision. I am really proud of him. I didn't realize what he couldn't see until he could see it, if that makes sense. He has really missed his older siblings, but he has been a huge help with the young kids at home and he has stepped up and taken on greater responsibilities at home. I am very pleased with him. #5 is still very innocent and sweet. He is a true joy. He has a ways to go in learning to be more obedient and doing his chores better, but he does try and he is really good with the 3 little ones. He is doing great with reading, writing and math. He still likes to be read to and enjoys singing time. It makes me happy. My four older kids really don't like singing time anymore, and the twins don't like to sing or do actions, they feed off each other, one of them is extremely stubborn, but we still do it and I love that my little #5 still enjoys it. The twins are doing better potty training. I cleaned up a lot of poop today because of all the watermelon they ate, but overall, they re improving a lot. They love to be read to, they are learning the alphabet. They want to do their "math" too. They are still very high maintenance, but they can get in and out of the car now and find their shoes and it continues to get easier. They are also able to do some chores, and I can see how all of the sudden, they'll be boys instead of toddlers and able to do more and even be helpful. We are getting there. The baby is way cute, he is getting his top two teeth in and he is just a doll. Life is good. I think I'll take the little ones swimming tomorrow to end our school year, I'll have the two boys take their math tests and then we'll call it good for a couple weeks. Then we'll just have fun. I am looking forward to summer!