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Cheapest Way to Print

I bought the HP Photosmart Plus 3 in 1 printer recommended on their recommended printers page for about $90, then I ordered the ink refillable cartridges for about $40. We already had 4 big bottles of ink from years ago when I would refill my canon printer and they are not even 1/8 of the way used. It is so nice to be able to print a lot of color and photos.

My favorite Scrapbook Program

Canon Photorecord is my favorite scrapbook program. It used to be free but now it looks like it costs $25 to download but it is worth it. You can easily crop and size and place photos wherever you want them on the page. It has a bunch of backgrounds and clip art and photo frames to use in the program. It does everything I need it to do quickly and now I'll be able to get caught up on our pictures.