Friday, September 27, 2013

Some burn out and some Illness

Some weeks are better than others! We were going strong getting a lot done, but one of the twins and the baby threw up this weekend and the rest of us didn't feel so great either so when it came to anything productive, we were not there this week. That's OK. We are all feeling better now and I'm hoping we can get caught up on our cleaning, that's really the worst part of getting sick is getting behind on stuff like cleaning. And then we'll be ready for a good week coming up. Plus we have a field trip scheduled with some friends which always makes the week go better. As much as I would like to just keep going strong all the time, life happens ad we have to rest and give ourselves time. Oh yeah, plus we had a birthday this weekend-lots of nerf gun wars have ensued this week and my and my husbands's anniversary. It was so fun to go out with him, we go out fairly often, but just for an hour or so, we took longer this time and went further to a fun little place, I loved spending more time with him. But wow, when we don't have our regular weekend time to rest, clean and recover from the weekend, I just couldn't keep up with everything, that's when I realized I had burnout and there were a couple times I just went and laid down because I knew I'd do better if I did, and I was right. The kids did most of their basic stuff and we'll do a lot today, but wow! And it's OK. The laundry is still waiting for me and so are all the other chores, we'll get there!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Spanish Learning Help

I was so excited when I saw this post on teaching Spanish curriculum and it was full of resources. check it out: The links to videos is Spanish is exactly what I have been wanting. When I lived in Mexico there was no English TV so we watched everything in Spanish and we all became fluent. When I was out of the house, my family moved back down and there was another American family whose kids did not pick up the language, the biggest difference was that they had English TV, so we are going to give watching Spanish TV a try. We watched a cute show about a little for tree today, the frat one that comes up in the page. While homeschooling is a lot of work and is hard, I love working with my kids and helping them with their assignments and watching their progress. We are doing way better on chores too, I may have finally developed an after meal chart and a chore chart that work for us right now. I am really liking our schedule now too, get up get going get the core stuff done, take a break for lunch, I exercise, the kids play and then we have group instruction and finish up in the afternoon. Yay!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fun with science

This week went fairly well, I love having my kids home and .i love all our studying and learning. It is invigorating and fun to me. We are studying matter in science and we made some awesome stuff which sometimes acts a liquid and sometimes acts as a solid. Just mix 1 cup of cornstarch and 1/2 cup of water for some fun and a big mess we cleaned up multiple times, it was worth it though. We'll mix it with sand next and make moon sand. We've also got a couple different crystals growing. I love seeing the kids perk up and try stuff like this!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our Week

It has been a short week with Labor Day, but we are plugging along. The boys are doing great. The girls are slow. They have a lot of catching up to do tomorrow since it's the end if the week. They have finished the lessons for .bYU independent study Algebra, but when we finally mailed in the first assignment, one got a C and the other got a D! So not acceptable!! So they double checked their next assignment and still did bad, I gave them a lecture and now this time one of them got an A! Yay! She is learning test taking skills and how to be careful!! We will see how they do n the rest of the assignments and then I will have them resubmit those low ones before they take the final. They are both enjoying their classes at school, they are both playing city league volleyball and making improvements, practicing etc. #1 has been really nervous and stressed about accompanying the choir, but it's going we'll and she is feeling a lot better about it. I am really liking all our curriculum, and sports day went pretty well. Everyone had a good time I think. And my husband is almost done with his website so we can figure out our next move. Yay! Life is good!