Monday, August 13, 2012

Ready for School!!

We did finally move and we had our new baby a month ago (you can read about it on my other blog), so we are ready to get going on academics again-- I'm so excited to have a schedule and for all the learning we're going to do this year!!.

Our backyard neighbors also homeschool and we have been getting together to do a math study group about twice a week this summer.  It has worked out so well we want to continue, add a few things and make it more consistent and part of the school week.  So the plan is to meet 2 days/ week at each other's houses for 3 hours in the morning.  We'll spend 1 hour on math with the older kids, then assign the older kids to help or play with one of the little kids the next hour while we work on Greek and Math with the Middle  kids for 1 hour, then the Middle kids will be assigned to play with the Little kids the last hour while my girls teach Latin I to our 14 yo neighbor, his mom and me.  I'm going to learn Latin too!!-- and it will be a good experience for my girls to teach it to our neighbors and me.

The girls will be joining a choir run by Janeen Brady who has written some fabulous kids' music-- you can see by searching Brite music.  That will be once a week.  #1 will play city volleyball, #2 will play city soccer and #3, 4 will play flag football this fall.  We will also be joining our old homeschool group again.  We meet once a week-- one week we go on a field trip, 2 of the weeks a mom teaches a class on whatever for the younger kids and the older kids will be doing 4H projects, the last week will be a party, spelling bee or other event. 

I also hope to get my kids able to play a few more songs on the ukelele together so that we can perform  somewhere.  I'll also have them sing along with the piano.  We have quite the crew for that and happily they all sing on key and they like music.  We will also continue with group time- reading scriptures, uplifting stories, work on spanish and whatever else I feel like-- we'll probably finish up the Life of Lincoln by Tarbell and read a couple more Shakespeare plays.  We will also make sure we do Super Charged Science-- I think we'll shoot for everyday-- that has been the hardest thing to fit in!!

Then for the various grade levels I am managing this year-- this is the plan:

6th grade and 8th grade

Both girls should finish the last chapter of Pre-algebra this week, then all they have to do is take all of the Singapore math placement tests again and pass them and we will start algebra.  I love math, I have been waiting to start Algebra forever!!  I was hoping to start it last year, but I'll take it.  They will be preparing for the Latin II exam in the spring with their dad. We'll be watching the History of Rome and Foundations of Western Civilization from the Teaching Company. We've watched a couple lectures this summer and I have really enjoyed it.  I stop the video and make sure the girls know what the words mean and what is going on.  I haven't decided how much writing I'll have them do or if we'll start Formal Logic.  They'll continue with required reading and piano.  I guess I have some more work to do before we're ready to officially start, but I am excited!!!

2nd and 4th Grades

We continue with Singapore math levels 4A and 4B.  They have another 4-5 weeks to complete Elementary Greek year 1. We'll be working on penmanship and spelling.  Also, required reading and piano.  It's so much easier to know what to do having gone through it with 2 other kids.

Kindergarten-- Reading, writing and math!!

Preschool-- have fun

Baby-- grow, grow, grow!!

I really love homeschool-- as hard as it is sometimes-- there is so much to look forward to.  I love group time and reading to my kids.  Also, this new house is so much easier to clean and the kids are old enough to actually help-- I think it's going to be  a good year!!

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