Saturday, November 10, 2012

Still Plugging Along

Life is good-- there have been no major surprises or traumas of any kind.  It's so awesome to be back in the driver's seat so to speak of our lives.  We have been able to stick with our daily and weekly schedules fairly well.  There is always room for improvement, but the girls are working at a good pace in Algebra and in Latin.  We have been watching Teaching Company lectures for history and have kept up better on piano lessons.  Last week we di dn't do so well because of the election and Halloween and a couple birthdays, but overall it evens out pretty well.  So I feel like there's not a whole lot to write a ut because things are moving fairly smoothly.  I love group time, we've  been memorizing a scripture a week and reading and discussing the New Testament.  The words and deeds of the Savior are so pertinent to our day now in dealing with people like the Pharisees and I am amazed at how much the kids understand and pick up.  It works out really well to memorize scripturers during group time because then when the kids are asked to give the talk or scripture in primary-- they are ready to go without any advance prep on my part.  That happened last Sunday-- I forgot #5 had the scripture but we were OK because he had one memorized already-- the only down side was that no one could hear him because the primary is huge( they are about to split our ward).  Anyway-- that's kind of good too because we don't really like attention and you sure get attention when your 5 yr.old has a scripture memorized big words and all.

We have also been watching Myth Busters on NetFlix-- the kids love it and they use sound scientific principles to test different ideas-- the kids are learning a lot of science from that show.  We've also been working on our Singapore Science curriculum so I think we'll be OK in science after all.

We also recently ordered the Teaching Company lecture on photography and my 13 yr. old just got her first video camera she saved all her math books to earn--  we had a policy when we were rich to reward the kids with toy whenever they passed a Singapore Math level.  She opted when she was only about 8 to save all her math books to get a video camera.  She finally passed the 6 B test after a year of  pre- algebra!!  I was sooooo relieved.    Eventually we'll get a good camera-- that would be a great skill to have and a nice side job for photo shoots.    That's all for now!:)

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  1. Good to hear from you! My niece has quite a business doing photo shoots. Your 13 yo might want to do something like that! Lexie charges ten bucks for the photo shoot and a CD of edited pics. Not a bad gig for a kid! And how can people say no, it's so cheap! Have her check out lexiefaithphotography.blogspot if she wants to get some ideas.