Sunday, February 3, 2013

Janeen Brady's Children's choir

My two older girls got to participate in a great choir last semester.  Janeen Brady wrote a bunch of music and songs I grew up with teaching values, safety, music and just fun-- you can check out her music at .  We use a lot of her songs in our own music time mostly for the younger kids and the older kids still enjoy the books and stories and the Safety Kids is a great way to teach safety.  Anyway,  when I found out she had a choir and my backyard neighbor's daughter was involved and we could carpool, it was set.  My oldest made the show choir, my younger daughter didn't make it, but did make the regular choir, there were a couple bumps with unexpected practices and performances, but it all worked out, and it looks like they have the kinks workd out for this semester.  My girls came home happy and excited every time they went, Janeen Brady's daughter did a fabulous job directing the choir and the girls really learned a lot. They gave 8 performances at various places and the music was beautiful and the kids did wonderfully.  They even got to make a CD at the end which my girls thought was pretty cool.  They gave all the kids opportunities to sing solos switching off at various performances, and my younger daughter got picked to do her solo part on the CD.  The choir was very professional.  My girls learned a lot about singing and performing and they made some good friends.  Their performances were very enjoyable and made me proud.

Alas, all things must come to an end.  The choir practices are about 30 min. away and with the 3 older ones in public school most the day, my husband and I feel like we need that time to be at home, practice the piano, do chores and spend time with each other.  Hopefully all my kids will get to participate again in the future.  Thanks to the choir!  If you live anywhere near Sandy Ut. I highly recommend it!

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