Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our Homeschool Philosophy and Intro to this Blog

When you start researching homeschooling you will come across all sorts of educational philosophies. There are the unschoolers, the Charlotte Mason followers, the Well-Trained Mind, the Montesorri, etc. etc. etc. I think there is value in reading what these people have to say and good insights and ideas can be gained from all of them. However, what you ultimately teach your children will be far more useful and important than how you taught it to them. However they learned to read and solve math problem really doesn't matter as long as they can sound out new words and solve math problems. Some kids learn kinesthetically -- others are visual or auditory learners. Figure out what your child needs to know and then figure out how to get them there. Maybe this will require a tutor at some point. Maybe it will require an awesome curriculum and extra time set aside. Maybe you'll need to play a bunch of games or buy an extra workbook. Whatever it is figure it out and do it. We are looking at the end result and finding a way to accomplish that result. More later on what we want our children to learn and how to get there. These are the basic subjects:

Religion-- LDS
Foreign Language

Over time I will post on each of these subjects and discuss which curriculum works the best for us and how our children have done with it. I will also post weekly reviews of what is working and what is not and what we are actually doing. Feel free to ask questions!!

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