Sunday, November 21, 2010

Review of the Week #4

This was a pretty good week. #1 is moving through Greek pretty well and has finished lesson 5 of 30 and is understanding it all pretty well so we are on a good track for Latin. She has been doing all her individual workbooks pretty well this week and hasn't needed much help. She needs to do better with poem memorization. I also need to check and read her reports and compositions.

#2 took the 5B math test twice this week and got 79% both times. Math has come so easily to her that she hasn't had to really apply herself so it's good that she is finally being challenged, but she now has to learn how to focus, concentrate and work through difficult problems. She finally got into the groove a bit after 2 hours on the first test, but she didn't pass. She went faster the second time, but just wrote answers she remembered from reviewing the mistakes she made so she'll take it again on Monday. She doesn't seem to focus very well and rolls around a lot, but somehow she manages to get her work done and does a great job memorizing. Also with her, I need to make sure I read her compositions because I don't think she's been doing them.

#3 passed his 2B math test with an 84 %. He does not know how to tell time and is a bit of a perfectionist so he doesn't like to take risks and fail. Anyway, he's moving right along pretty well- he started the 3rd McGuffey reader and the next Explode the code workbook. We need to continue working on times tables and penmanship. I also need to make sure we get in a few science experiments. He loves those.

#4 made great progress with his eye exercises this week. Both eyes are equally strong and he gets to start exercises that encourage them to start working together. As far as school goes -- he would only be in kindergarten this year, so I don't want to push him, but he is moving along great. He's reading pretty well-- still not on his I think mainly due to his eyes and he will be taking the math 2A test in the next week or 2. He loves art.

#5 really wants to start reading and writing. He has some workbooks, butI don't want to do much with him until #3 is more independent. He says some really cute things. This morning he got up and we told him to go back to bed and he said, but it's morning in my window.

Babies-- are growing and fun. They are eating a lot and getting into things. Very sweet and very cute. I am blessed.

Group time-- we only did it twice this week. I was a little burned out. I'm just going to have to be more disciplined even though Christmas is coming!!

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