Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Review of the Week #5

We just had a 2 day week this week for Thanksgiving. It seemed very long for all of us. I am really glad for a break. I've gotten some organizing and cleaning done today and it has been sooo nice. There just isn't time on school days and it doesn't take long for messes to increase. The kids have been sledding, playing in the snow and reading today.

We did have a good 2 days of school. Group time went well both days. #2 passed her Singapore math 5B test-- yay!! I will be working with her one on one for Greek, she need to learn to focus and concentrate. I went through it with #1, I just have to sit with her and keep her on track and moving through. I have to remember to alternate my teaching time between the boys and the girls. I get tempted to just get the boys (younger ages) stuff out of the way, but sometimes it takes a really long time and I just don't have the fortitude to do anything else after sitting through addition, subtraction, multiplication, and easy reading books to be happy about group time or helping the girls with more advanced subjects. But when I do a half hour with a boy and then a half hour with a girl, it mixes things up a bit so I'm not so bored and tired. It keeps it a little more interesting for me and whoever is not being helped can work on things they don't need me to help them with or they can take a break or do art if they only have things left I need to do with them.

It is a good feeling to have worked so hard to feel the joy of this break. I'm sure we'll be ready to go again on Monday. It really is fun-- just challenging but rewarding and not always easy!!

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