Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Progress

We're not getting a whole lot of academic work done, but we are enjoying the warm weather. It finally got hot and it is so nice to be outside in it!! I bought some summer workbooks at Costco and the kids are enjoying them. Those should at least keep them from forgetting everything. I think we are going to join the local swim club. That way the kids who know how to swim can do so often without me having to worry so much about the younger ones. I've pretty much decided that I don't like the homeschool community around here and I think that swimming and soccer will fill the void we have for team work and some social interaction until 9th grade when I'll have my kids attend seminary and possibly orchestra with the local schools. There are some great people I have met, but they all live about 20 min. away. So we will participate in some good homeschool activities like a talent show, economic fair, math club, field trips and 4-H. But I think my kids will benefit from participating in swim club. We definitely need to go swimming to brush up before I start them out. #2 scraped her elbow and knee when she crashed on her scooter so we've had to wait for those to heal before I could take them to a pool. This week!!


  1. I know in Homeschool circles they stress that socialization is not an issue. I guess for some families it wouldn't be but for ours it has been a hurdle. My younger kids are fine with plenty of neighborhood friends, by age 10 though I have found that there gets to be a big divide. Older kids lives tend to revolve so much around school and what is going on there. They are too busy with homework to have time to visit after school.

    Like you we haven't found a comfortable place in local homeschool groups. It is hard for me to make park days and my older kids end up sitting with me the whole time bored stiff.

    That said I compare how my kids are turning out to those who are in school and I know it has been a great thing for them. I just wish they could find some great friends too.


  2. Sandy-- email me at maybe we could meet!