Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer's fun so Far

We have been having a great time. I have been getting a little more organizing and cleaning done which I love. The girls have been doing math, Greek, piano and violin 3 times this week. I think#1 finally has speed and rate down so I htink she's ready to take the 6B math test. I sure hope she passes. #2 has really been dragging in academics this week and was reading the Harry Potter series for the 2nd time with plans to read them all a 3rd time. I told her she can finish reading the series through a second time after she reads 2 Anne of Green Gables series books or other like literary works and then no more Harry Potter. I told her it's O.K. to read it for fun once, but that she needs to fill her mind with more ennobling books and ideas. I am really tired of Harry Potter. I will be glad when she's through this phase. I need to keep better track of what she's reading. I think we'll start required reading again this week.

We had group time twice this week. I liked it, there's just not enough time for everything though and it has finally been nice outside so our focus has been cleaning, yard work and playing outside. We spent one day at This is the Place Pioneer Park in Salt Lake with some new friends we've met through blogging. That was very fun and all the kids have gotten along great and they actually don't live too far from us. We spent one day in Salt Lake running errands and going to vision therapy. We've had plenty of time to do lots of fun things all week. I am amazed at how much my kids complain when I finally ask them to do one little thing. I think they are a little spoiled and need to do a little more. I am getting a little better organized, but it is hard for me. Having lots of kids is really forcing me use my time better and organize this house better.
The boys did some reading, math and piano this week. I will have to be sure to give them all a piano lesson this week. We are looking forward to our sewing class this week.


  1. Pooh Bear is 13. I must admit I am a Twilight Mom. So she picked up on it too. Now she is reading all sorts of books that I have no idea what is in them. My husband and I have had to put at stop to it also. I have told her she need to read the classics and then we will talk about the others after I have had time to look at the series' she is wanting to read.

    Of course you would think I had ask her to cut off her arm. I have made the deal that we will read them together, I read a classic then she reads it and we discuss it. Kind of a book club thing.

  2. Have you ever read Harry Potter? Because it is much more than just a simple children's series. I love them so much that I consider them "classics". They are actually very noble books full of inspiring characters and ideas. Just my opinion, but one I feel strongly about. I love the old classics, but believe there are still "classics" being created today.

  3. I read the first 4 Harry Potter books when they first came out. I enjoyed them, but I don't remember hardly anything about them-- there were no lessons learned. It was very easy reading and exciting and fun and interesting, but not memorable. I'm sorry people haven't read enough other books to realize there are some stories that have such an effect - they stay with you over time. Plus I think Harry Potter is a little dark. It seems so much of the modern literature is about witchcraft, werewolves, magic, etc. That's O.K. for a little-- but not as the main reading source. The books that have stayed with me from my childhood are The Secret Garden, A Little Princess, The Little House on the Prairie series, Anne of Green Gables series, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Boxcar Children and Diary of Anne Frank. I want the same for my children. There's hardly enough time for the great ones- we don't want to waste too much time on the less great ones!

  4. I guess we just took very different things from HP. I consider them some of the great ones! I have a daughter who has really gotten into these books called "Warriors". They are all about cat warriors out in the wild. Okay, they are fun, but sometimes they are all she will read! I find myself often saying to her, "you know, there are other books out there!" Of course, I have to give them some credit because they are the first books she really got into and showed her the joy of reading, but still.... I guess everyone needs to find the right balance for themselves and their families.

  5. I love many of the titles you mentioned as staying with you from childhood. I also agree with Jessica, however, that the Harry Potter books have much to offer. If anything, the author's many allusions to Greek and Roman mythology, Latin and history can be a springboard for countless other lessons with your daughter, should she still desire to read the books. That, I think, is the real magic of the series. You get so caught up in a fun, exciting tale that the rich allusions never feel forced. Take a closer look, though, and there are layers of meaning.

    I see your point about wanting your children to read ennobling classics. Maybe you could encourage your daughter to write an essay comparing Harry Potter to other works' main characters. It might be interesting to see what she thinks.
    Jennifer Hatch (Circe's pianist friend)

  6. Oops. I meant to give a caveat: Yes, I think HP book 4 and beyond are indeed quite dark; in my view the first three are more suitable for young readers.