Friday, August 19, 2011

last 2 weeks of summer

My sweet girls are having a heck of time with passing the Singapore math 6B test!!! It is hard, but I think they know the material-- they seem to be able to solve the problems fine on their own, but then they choke on the test or the test takes the problems one more level and they just can't make it. The test problems and a lot of the singapore math problems are intense story problems that I had a hard time solving without using Algebra. They are the type of questions found on the ACT or SAT, so I would really like for my girls to master the program. I'm sure a lot of it is the inconsistency of summer. But I think they need a change and #2 has a lot of Greek to finish by Sept. 1 when her dad will be teaching their Latin 1 class. They know he is a lot more strict than I am. I hope they do well. I think we really need to work on our test taking skills. I think this is an area I have overlooked as a teacher. We've got time to remedy the situation, but aaaaaahhhhh!! I was hoping to be all done!! Oh well!!

So these last couple weeks of summer, #2 has to finish 8 chapters of Greek which means she main not have time for much else, and #1 has started a Pre-algebra book we have. She likes it so far, it is mostly review, but I think she needs the practice to really hone her math skills.

Wish us luck!!!

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