Saturday, August 6, 2011

Planning the New School Year

I'm looking forward to the new school year. I think we're going to learn a lot and accomplish a lot. We are going to have to get back on a regular schedule and get up in the mornings. I think it will be nice to actually be able to do that since I am not pregnant or nursing this year. Our main focus will be on Algebra and Latin this year. I've scheduled in Science 3 hours per week since that has been our weak point and I've scheduled in piano lessons. I think it is a great schedule for the kids, but it will be pretty non-stop for me. I am going to have to work in some down time for myself or I will get burned out. It does help to help a younger kid, then an older kid, but this will by far be my busiest year. Fortunately my husband will be the Latin teacher and I don't think Algebra will be too bad after Singapore Math. A couple more review sessions and I think the girls will be ready for the final test again ( we only worked on it twice this week). We will definitely have to step it up this coming week-- we need to be done already!

Anyway, I think the weekly schedule is doable, I have to remind myself that it is only 4 days a week. One day will be spent grocery shopping, going to vision therapy and running errands. The kids have their lists they are responsible for finishing each day. My next thing to plan will be and extensive meal plan with days for soaking, sprouting, baking and chopping so that we'll have homemade bread and salad and veggies ready to eat at all times. That will cut down on daily meal prep and keep me from wondering what we'll have for dinner. I think I can do most the meal prep by making extra and chopping extra salad each time I make dinner, but there are a couple days where we won't be home until dinnertime, that I'll need to have our fast, easy meals pretty much ready to go. Food is very important for growing children and it is one of my main priorities. We can't learn if we're hungry, so that definitely needs to be planned out before school starts.

Finally I also need to declutter and de junk my house. I'm not sure if I will be able to get that far, I'm probably going to have to review flylady, and do it a little at a time. I probably ought to include it in my schedule. I know I'll feel better with less stuff around. I like empty counters and cupboards, and they are all pretty full right now. Time to get rid of a bunch of stuff!

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