Friday, September 2, 2011

First Day of School!

It went well!!! I'm so happy!! We fell back right into our old routines and it was really nice to see the improvement in the kids. #1 said that her history book that was kind of hard last year was easy to understand. #3 was surprisingly fast on his times tables and finished his 4 pages of math quickly, he also had no trouble reading his assignments and he finished his language arts work pages for the entire week. #2 stayed up late Wed. night and finished her Greek book well- I was pleasantly surprised. #5 is still able to sound out words and is doing it more quickly. #4 drug his feet in math, he forgot how to do long division, but overall, it was a good start to our school year and I am very much relieved. The twins liked story time and music time. What I need to do today that I didn't do yesterday is set the timer for the individual time with the kids. #4 drug his feet so much that he took more of my time than he should have and #2 didn't get any of my time, because I wasn't expecting that she would need help with math. So today, they will each get 30 min. of my undivided attention and will have to wait their turn. That worked really well last year, I am reminded of why that is important. The kids all really liked having their lists ready of what is required for the week so that they have the option of finishing before the week is out, but it's a lot of work, I don't think they will be able to finish early, but they like that they can try. The girls were cute and packed their backpacks to "walk" to school, kept to their schedules and then "walked" home. Good day-- I think I will be able to do this. And I think I'm going to get rid of most the stuff in my house this weekend- one way or another-- so if you want anything- come on by-- I probably have whatever you may want and you can HAVE it!!!

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