Sunday, September 25, 2011

Review of the past 2 weeks

It sure has been busy around here.  I have got to be more organized, my printer was jammed so I wrote out on paper what each kid had to do each week, but of course, we can't find those anymore and I'm pretty sure the kids haven't completed all their assignments these past 2 weeks.  I will definitely be printing new sheets and making sure they check it off with me each day before they can do anything else.    This is a new week and we will start off on the right foot this week.

That being said, we have made some good progress in some areas.  We finally started piano lessons and we did a couple of science experiments.  I had a thermometer so we could complete our science curriculum, but the babies broke it- at least it was only a $1.60-- but it's the time it takes to go get one- not the cost so much-- hopefully we can going on that this week also.  The girls are doing great with Latin with their Dad-- it is so nice for me to not have to teach that important subject.  We have also been working in a pre-algebra book and the girls are getting it and enjoying it.  They've been reading their history books and literature books.  They've also been completing their English grammar workbooks and writing in their journals.  The things they tend to forget are what we need the checklist for which is to read their scriptures, do music theory, practice their instruments EVERYDAY-- even on the weekends, and write their reports for their reading.  We should get there this week I hope!!

The boys are doing pretty well and since they don't have as many things to do, it's a lot easier to do it all without the checklist, but they'll need one too- to make it easier for me to make sure they did what they were supposed to.  #5 is reading pretty well and likes all his workbooks and being a big kid.  #4 has made another great leap in his vision and seems to have finally taken off in his reading-- yay!!  #3 has had a couple of crying tantrum episodes about how hard 3rd grade is and how he can't do it and doesn't want to, but since it didn't get him out of any work, he has learned to buckle down and just get it done.

We've had some nice group times, but we haven't implemented Spanish yet-- I'm bored with what we were doing so I'll have to figure out how to make it interesting and fun again.  Although we still sing Spanish and French songs, this is why I have to get more organized so that we can fit everything in!! 

Also, we had a long dentist visit filling cavities-- we need to practice better oral hygeine for sure!  We also had a birthday this week, a visit with my old high school friends, a mother daughter activity in our new ward, and a swimming party to go to, art class, ukelele lessons and of course soccer practices and 5 games on Saturday. We also picked tomatoes and dried them and froze peaches and pears. I did get to clean my kitchen ceilings and the kids helped clean a lot of spots and I got a lot of papers thrown away and other stuff put away so that was really nice-- oh and my husband and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary and we met with an architect to draw up the plans for our new house which really couldn't be moving any more slowly-- stress!!! And the power went out Sat night for almost 3 hours-- that was annoying!!!!  Oh and we had colds and I couldn't breathe out of my nose.  I can't wait to start exercising again!!  I always feel so much better when I do.

Well- this week should be much more predictable and calm and organized-- I'm excited!! I want to see all those checklists checked!!

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