Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ready or not School Begins!

I am excited and nervous about this year! The girls 7 th and 9th graders are pretty much independent from me this year. They are doing BYU independent study for math and their dad is teaching Latin and Logic. They will do science and history and religion with everyone and I will watch history lectures with them, make sure they are doing their reading and have them do a little writing, and drive them to volleyball and school, so I guess I'm still doing a lot, but it seems manageable. The boys' cubbies are all cleaned out. I wanted to have some new chore charts posted and have all their worksheets printed by tomorrow, I'm a little behind, but I'm pretty excited about it all so I'm sure I'll get some done tonight and the rest done in the morning. We are going to focus on our meal time chores this week, getting the kitchen completely clean after each meal, if we can do that combined with the kids keeping up on their zones, we'll be in much better shape as far as being organized goes. We have a lot of stuff to go through and throw out, we'll get there, this week meal time chores is our focus. Organization and cleanliness is a must if we are going to get anything done! Ready or not, the time has come!! We begin tomorrow!

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