Thursday, August 15, 2013

School starts next week!

We have had a great summer, lots of swimming TV and video games, my kids' dream come true. We have done some school work, but not a lot! My middle school girls will be taking a couple classes at the public school and doing the rest at home. We will take next week to get organized get notebooks ready to be filled and find all our books and lay out all the curriculum for the year. I am really excited, I don't have a newborn, the twins are potty trained, I think we may be able to accomplish a lot this year! Here is a piece from my 14 yr. old, she makes me proud. She is amazing I hope she continues to develop her talent and skill. I knew she makes beautiful music, I get to hear her play all the time, it has taken a while for her to figure out how to share it, we all had to go downstairs so she could record it, she also loves making videos, I didn't know she made the video too. I am proud and relieved, she's not raised yet of course, but wow, she is a great person and a wonderful daughter with a talent to share, and on a good path. Well, here you go:

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