Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to School!!!!

We start tomorrow. We were a little disappointed not to have started today, but my husband had today off for New Year's so we hung out again. I was hoping to get the house all clean, but I have been staying up way too late and am now sleep deprived. My goal is to get to sleep by 11. 10 would be awesome, but I know it won't happen so 11 will be a great step for me. I've got my menu plans ready. I've got school plans ready. The new thing this week will be to have the girls practice their instruments before school. So I got everybody to bed early today and we should get up fairly early tomorrow. The house is a bit of a mess, but not too bad. Everybody has their zones and their rooms to clean daily and that has helped a ton. I'm the one with the problem getting my zones done. Anyway, we organized and rearranged a couple rooms. We have a larger school room area and computer station and we have a little toy area, so I'm excited to see how it goes. Our dining area is much smaller now, but that's O.K. we just really needed a change so I'm excited to see how it goes!!

Wish me luck!! I'm off to clean the kitchen and get to bed!!

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