Saturday, January 29, 2011

Review of the Week #12 -- Disappointments

This week was the opposite of last week. Last week started out rough and ended up great, but this week started out good and ended up rough. Monday was pretty good. We got all the important things done and had a homeschool friend over so it was easy to get the kids to clean and then they were happy, so I kept on going. The house looked great and I felt pretty good about that. Story time was shortened that day, but hey-- it was Monday - right? Then Tuesday the kids were really looking forward to a homeschool skate day. They worked hard and got all their stuff done, but it started snowing. I knew we would get stuck in our neighborhood in our big huge van so we sadly didn't go, but in an attempt to soften blow I let the kids watch a movie instead and we didn't make it to our weekly library appointment. Oh well, I think I did read to them a little. Wednesday was a pretty good day. We got everything in pretty well. Thursday was disappointing because some of our friends were sick and not at the park. We missed them and then to top it off, girls' club was a flop too. I didn't make sure everybody knew about it. So especially my oldest was disappointed. So much so that Friday was downright depressing for her and she was unable to focus on her studies.

We feel like we just moved to a new place. Our favorite homeschool friends have moved or will be soon and we have not participated in any activities outside of that once great group since I got pregnant with the twins and now this whole year. So anyway, it's time to get out of our comfort zone, reconnect with old friends and make new ones. We've got some activities coming up that will be good, but it just takes time to network and find new friends. And the interim can be a bit rough.

So back to the school stuff-- the boys did great finishing all their stuff. #3 learned how to do long division and they are both doing great on their times tables. #4 gets to take a break from vision therapy for awhile which will be nice for us all. #5 was sick this week and is finally back to his old self and has a birthday coming up. The girls didn't focus at all on Friday and had quite a few things to finish up because of stalling and being sad about friends. So anyway, one of their friends from church invited them over to play American Girl dolls, and I let them go even though they were no where near being finished. Then that evening I took them to see Tangled which we enjoyed very much and then to the store just because. My husband said he would take over on Saturday and make sure they got their school work done.

I was exhausted from the emotional energy required to motivate young people who are having a hard time focusing. Daddy came to the rescue, let us have a girls' night out and then took over the overseeing on Saturday. I just don't have it in me to do school on Saturday, but we both really wanted them to finish their assignments. I was so tired, I stayed in bed as long as I could which wasn't real long, but I haven't cleaned much today. But I do feel better now. I helped the girls clean out their closets and rooms and under the bed-- what a job that was!!

Anyway, they both finished all their assignments today!! They feel good about finishing although it was not real fun, they are both glad they did it. I am glad that my husband had the fortitude to keep them going. I love all my kids, but I can tell this teenage thing is going to be pretty different. Babies are easy now-- I know what to do-- teenagers-- I know nothing. Any advice? My oldest will be 12 in April.

So that was the week in a nutshell-- glad that's over. I'm ready for a new week and new activities!!

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  1. Sounds like you know just how to correct course when things go off. Good for you! You're amazing. See you Mon!