Saturday, February 12, 2011

Review of the Week #14 -- Expectations

This week started out pretty normal. We stuck with our schedule pretty well and the kids were getting their assignments finished. Instead of going to the library on Tuesday, we decided to just sit and read all the books we hadn't gotten too yet. There were a couple from Bill Peet that we all really enjoyed. Then Wednesday we went to an indoor gym I had never been to before-- it was so nice. I loved being warm while the kids played. The people there were great too. I have hope for the future of homeschooling in Utah after doing a few things with this group. It was so refreshing. Then we had Girl's Club and we had a pretty good turnout, so everybody was happy. Thursday though we took a turn for the worse. I really wanted the girls to finish most of their work on Thurs. because we didn't have any appointments or interruptions, but one of them was in a really bad mood and the other one was really distracted and played most the day.

By the time it was time to get ready to go the Blue and Gold banquet for our cub scout, the girls had not finished near the amount of work I expected them to finish. They made cookies for the banquet and we went and had a great time, but when we got home, I was very upset that we hadn't finished what we needed to because we had a field trip scheduled for the following day. I had hoped we would only have a couple things left before the field trip so that we could enjoy it and be done for the week. My husband said that we should not go to the field trip, especially since we still had not been able to fit science into the schedule thus far. The girls cried and cried. It was quite dramatic, but we stuck with the consequence and we did not go on the field trip. My husband comforted me by telling me we'd only have to do this once so they would see we are serious.

I am afraid that I have spoiled my children a bit. I know that if they went to school, they would finish their assignments in a timely manner. I have been a big pushover my entire homeschooling experience and have often wondered if I am expecting too much of them. Now they are older,and even though some of their work seems to take them a onger time than I would expect, they need to be able to do it. So it is looking like my girls are going to have homework for the next little while because they work so slowly in the workbooks. Although it is rather interesting that #1 was able to finish an entire chapter of her Greek workbook in 30 min. and #2 was able to her chapter in 1 hour. So I don't think I am expecting too much of them.

They worked really well on Friday. They got up, cleaned their rooms, ate breakfast and got dressed and ready for the day and started immediately on their schoolwork. It was so nice. They worked hard 'til about 2 p.m. and then I let them have a 2 hour break. Then #1 finally took her science test-- which I am actually a little afraid to check and finished about 6 p.m. #2 finished at about 7 p.m, but she did play with our neighbor for her break so I don't feel too sorry for her. We are all so glad that they actually finished though. We have had a nice relaxing day today. The house wasn't too dirty so Saturday jobs didn't take too long and then we went to see the eagles on their migratory flight. There is a resting area they use about 15 min. from our house. We didn't see very many ourselves but they said they had counted 150 that day. It was nice. then I dropped the kids off at a friend's house while I got my errands for the week done.

It went fairly smooth except my super curious one year old knocked over a cookie display while I had him in the backpack while I was waiting in line. Fortunately no harm done-- he is a very curious little fellow. My twins are way cute. I just like looking at them. They are getting easier-- only nursing twice a day. That's why my house is somewhat cleaned up. Things are getting easier for me and I am also expecting more of my students since I can keep better tabs on them now. It is hard to grow up. But they did it. They are developing the skills they will need throughout their lives. I think they feel good about it too. Life is good.

#3 also had a similar problem with his piano lesson and not wanting to listen and follow my instructions. I told him he would lose his turn on the wii if he didn't listen. He threw a fit and lost his turn. He finished his lesson with me and earned the privilege of watching other people play that day, but he didn't get to play. I think he will do better next time. Being a parent and following through can be hard to do. I don't like to see my children suffer, but better now than in college. they will thank me later-- I hope!!

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  1. Way to go, Tiger Mama! :) It's a tough balance. I'm counting on you for advice, so keep up the good work!