Saturday, February 19, 2011

Review of the Week #15 -- Successes

This turned out to be a great week overall. We of course didn't accomplish everything I had planned, but we came close. The greatest success of the week was that all the kids finished their school work everyday when they were supposed to without a battle. I think they are enjoying it although they won't admit it yet. I'm relieved to see them enjoy academic work and also to expect to do it and their chores too. It's part of life, and it's looking like I haven't spoiled them for life after all.

The girls finally took their 6A math test. They have to get 80% to pass-- the older one got 82% and complained a whole bunch during the test, but was so happy to pass on the first time-- yay!! The younger one got 77% so she has to take it again- very disappointed, and she hardly complained at all. We went over the problems they missed and they know what they did. Only one book left in Singapore math for them. When they finish, we will have them take all the tests all over again-- I think they should get 90% to pass this time though-- and then we will have a little celebration!! It is going to be great!!

The girls are moving right along in their language workbooks, their Greek workbooks and through their required readings. We finally did some science too and will work through that program as well now that we are past thinking that school is soooooo difficult. They had a good time making grammar worksheets on the computer for their weekly composition.

The boys finished their stuff as scheduled. #3 pretty much knows all his times tables now. He is doing great with long division and has figured out some pretty tough 2 part story problems. #4 has been adding and subtracting money problems and will start fractions for the first time on Monday. #3 is doing great with piano now too after the drama of losing wii privileges last Friday. What a difference. They are both reading pretty well and especially love to read verses out loud to everybody from the scriptures. I'm so proud of them.

#5 officially started school this week. I figured I'd better start him while he's interested, and he is ready. He started his preschool Singapore Math book and is learning to write his numbers. He knows how to count and he knows what they look like so now it's time to write. He is also learning to write his name in print and cursive. He likes school and he likes telling everybody he was the first one done because he's a little copycat and hears that a lot.

The babies are cute as can be and follow each other around and make lots and lots of messes.

We had a lot of fun this week too which is why we only had one science experiment (evaporation) and 2 storytime sessions although we had 4 group times. We read about Babylon and Assyria, and about McCormick and the invention of the reaper. We are still reading Little Women and Pilgrim's Progress and The Lost Prince at night. We've also read a bunch of picture books. Reading aloud is my favorite time with the kids. We have also resumed Spanish and French lessons in the morning which I think is fun, but I'm not sure how effective it is. We had also been doing well memorizing snippets of instrumental music and the composers, but one of the babies lost the cd, so I've got to find it. That was really fun.

The girls got to see part of Ballet West's performance of Sleeping Beauty. I got to experience how it could be to send them off to school and just have little ones at home. It was really nice outside so I took the babies for a walk in the stroller up and down the street so I wouldn't have to wait for the boys to keep up with me. They rode bikes and scooters and then went to play in the neighbor's yard across the street at the stream. I got to do some yard cleanup and it felt like spring and was sooooo very nice. Then we had our math group at library and got a bunch more books. We also went to the gym and got together with some old friends this week. It was busy, but very refreshing. I was surprised the kids were still able to finish their work because we did the fun things in the afternoon. We missed story time though. It was nice to have Friday open. Plus, the boys invited their friends over to play the wii so we got the house all picked up. It was awesome. We need to have people over a lot!

We've had lots of success this week. The areas for improvement this week are music theory-- we have some great games for this and dinner chores. I have not been enforcing dinner helpers or table cleaners or dish washers and I need help and they need to learn. I've been inspired this week by a couple blogs so I'm going to try rotating the chores weekly instead of daily. The zone thing is working well- now we can add in weekly kitchen jobs. What fun to find ways to improve- figure it out, tweak it and reap the benefit. Laundry will be next!

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