Saturday, February 5, 2011

Review of the Week #13 -- Much Better!

This week went much better than last week. We accomplished a lot although we didn't get to everything -- but that's life. It makes such a difference to get a full night's sleep and be able to get up early and get the kids up early too. The oldest 2 have their checklists, and they just work through it until they're done.

We had a birthday party for the now 4 yr old born on Groundhog Day. We rode FrontRunner into Salt Lake where we took Trax and saw the stained glass in the Assembly Hall and peeked in the Tabernacle and then caught Trax back to the FrontRunner station and back to our station. All the kids thought it was great fun. The Birthday Boy especially liked it as he loves trains and wanted to ride one for his birthday. Success!

Also this week, we went to our new Math Study Group which was a success. #1 taught everybody how to simplify fractions and did a great job. Math has not been her favorite subject, but she really liked teaching. It seemed new for a couple of the kids in the group and review for others, but overall it was good. I hope everybody comes back. We'll find out in 2 weeks. Everybody got to play with friends this week and have late-overs so that helped too. We need fun to look forward to so we can get through our work.

So on to the review of the school week - We had group time 4 days this week and story time only once. We started the 13th article of faith, so I need to make a list of new scriptures for the upcoming weeks. I extended group time to one hour to include a bunch of memorization, scriptures, music, exercise and languages. We do about 10 minutes/ subject. It's not long, but it keeps it interesting and keeps everybody's attention.

The girls both finished their Singapore Math 6A workbooks. #1 was upset when her sister caught up to her, but she's O.K. now. I wnated to be sure they will both pass the test on the first try so I decided to have them do some review first. They'll take the test sometime this week. The percentage problems are really, really hard.

Here is an example of the type of problem they have to solve:

There are 50 men and 40 women at a party. How many percent more men than women are there? The answer is 25%.

So we need to make sure that's solid. The rest of the test is a bit of algebraic notation, speed, and ratios which I think they know, but we'll do some review problems just to be sure. I love those story problems-- the girls are really learning to think.

#3 learned long division and can do it pretty well. #4 is working on money. #3 is finally reading pretty well and is actually enjoying the treehouse books on his own --yay!! The phonics workbooks are going well for the boys too. #5 has a good time in "preschool" which has turned into time with someone assigned to play with him and make him happy. He has to start doing his chores more regularly because he's 4 now. He would tell us that he was too little to do his jobs "because I'm 3".

Anyway, it was a good week. I've got to make checklists for the boys this week because I just remembered a couple things we forgot- piano and reading to me. For next week- we need to add in science, make sure we have little kids story time daily and big kids storytime 3 times a week. It should happen this week because we'll hold school Mon- Thursday and go on a field trip on Friday. I'm excited. Homeschooling is fun when things run smoothly and everybody's happy. I'll need to get up soon and start cleaning, but I have to admit I like sleeping in and staying in bed as long as possible. Once I get up, I have to start feeding and cleaning!!

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