Thursday, March 17, 2011

Learning about Radiation and Nuclear Disasters and earthquakes and tsunamis

As many of you probably have been, we have been watching the horrific events unfold in Japan. If there is enough radiation, the radioactive material could reach over half the United States. It may be nothing to worry about. We will know once it hits California-- then Utahns will have about 2 days to prepare if necessary. Better to be on the side of caution and have too much food and water than not enough. The good thing is that it is just fallout and not a bomb mixing witht he earth so we will just basically have to stay inside preferably in a basement surrounded on all sides with dirt or other mass to soak up the radiation. This Nuclear Survival Handbook has a lot of good info on how to protect yourself from radiation. I hope we don't need these skills- but here it is:

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  1. Thanks for keeping us informed! Are you coming to book club tomorrow? Bring friends!! :)