Saturday, March 19, 2011

Review of the Week #19 --current events

It seems likes ages ago that the Japan earthquake hit and yet it has really distracted me this whole week. We spent time each day checking the news and watching videos of the terrible devastation. I feel really sorry for the people there. I was so distracted that we didn't get off to a real good start this week as far as schedules go. I would say that we are still off track a little. I also haven't been getting the kitchen clean before bed and I haven't made a new kitchen chores chart yet. Those things are really necessary for a good homeschool, but this is life too and sometimes we just need a change especially when we our mind is somewhere else.

Fortunately, even though we weren't perfect with our schedule we actually accomplished quite a bit-- thanks to our checklists!! I let the girls take off 1 day of English workbooks, and we had to get some additional science materials before we could do those experiments so hopefully we'll get caught up on those this week. #1 did much better in math this week and was very happy to do some pie charts. She is still plugging along in Greek and actually enjoys it especially doing translations-- I think it is because she finally knows enough for it to be interesting. #2 had a couple of crying episodes this week. She was afraid she wouldn't finish in time to be able to do some things she wanted to do. I tried to explain that if she spent her energy working instead of crying that she would finish in a timely manner and be just fine. It took awhile, but she was able to calm down and finish her work. I think she learned a lesson and did much better the other days. She is growing up, but it's hard.

#3 passed his 3A math test on the first try. Yay!! I still think he needs more practice with a bunch of these two-part story problems, but we'll be moving on anyway-- I'll just give him a couple to do each day until I think he really has it down. He also started the 1st year Greek workbook since he finished his phonics workbook and is reading and writing well on his own. It is so much easier to teach to him than it was to teach the girls because I have already been through it and know how to teach it and what to expect. The girls have been very good guinea pigs!

#4 is moving right along in everything also. He is so conscientous and loves to get up and get started on his work. He just likes to finish things I think. He is very bright and it all comes very easy to him. We haven't been doing eye exercises though, so I think our break from that has been long enough too and we'll start those up again this week.

#5 didn't do much schoolwork this week. He was still kind of getting over his cold, and he wss pretty happy to just play. But I will have to follow up on him this coming week.

The babies were very high maintenance this week which is another big reason we were so off schedule. The younger one is cutting his molers and has needed to be held, which makes the other one want to be held too so then I have no hands. The good thing about being a homeschool teacher with no available hands is that I can still help the kids read and answer their questions pretty much. I can also still read to them. The bad thing is that that is all I can do. Once those babies went down for naps I just needed to lay down too- just for a break. The good thing is that they are pretty much over their colds-- yay!! I think this coming week is going to be much easier.

We did manage to have 4 group times. They were short and sweet. The babies didn't make it through a whole one at all. They both went to bed right after music time each day. I have started reading George Washington Spymaster to the boys right after group time. I think we need to add in some science at that time too. The girls haven't been as demanding of my time as they have been in the past so it's nice to have this time with the boys while the girls work on their other stuff.

We had either 2 or 3 story times. I really can't remember- it must only be 2 because we only read about ancient Japan and haven't started on India yet. We only also got through 2 chapters of Little Women. One of the times I read to the kids outside after we had been weeding out front. It didn't seem very efficient, so I'm not sure how often we'll do that. We just weren't really excited about story time this week. I think we'll be more excited again this coming week.

So let's hope the babies are happy, I get our chore chart printed so that I can finish the last of the kitchen before I go to bed. One thing I am realizing is that there is no way I can keep up on all the chores that need to be done to keep up this house. I am also realizing that the kids are old enough to be helpful. They need to help both for the necessity of keeping a clean environment and also for the opportunity to learn to take care of themselves as they grow up. It is so tempting to try to do it all myself, but I am being forced to grow as I have been my whole life. I'm learning management skills. It's rough!

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