Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring (winter???) Break

We took a break this week since we really needed it and everybody else was doing it. It was soooooo nice for me. The kids had to do math, greek and piano, but nothing else-- except play and clean which they did. They didn't do much schoolwork, but they all did some. It is good to keep it up, it doesn't take them that long. The break was more for me than for them. It was soo nice and very needed.

Instead of teaching school during the twins' morning nap, I got to clean!! I never knew what a luxury it is to be able to clean. I got basically 2 uninterrupted hours a day to clean. I finally got caught up on the laundry. finding socks was becoming a nightmare. Teh bottleneck is in folding the clothes-- the kids are usually good to put them away once they're folded. I could just never get to it. Plus we had some extra projects the week before and I was extra tired- must have been fighting something. anyway, we were really behind on the house. The break gave me the opportunity to get caught up. Once caught up, the kids can help maintain. So we are there and it feels so good. I got rid of a few books and cleaned up some areas that haven't been been cleaned since I was pregant with the twins. I love walking in my bedroom now. I would help the kids with their rooms and not make it to mine. We still have a long way to go- there are plenty more places in my house that need to be ordered and cleaned, but what a nice week.

Now we'll get back to our regular schedule. We have a ton of snow. It has been a most unusual winter and very long. We usually have weeks of warmth and sunshine with isolated bouts of snow that never sticks. But this year so far I think we have had maybe 2 weeks worth of warmth and it has been snowing for days and it hasn't melted. I almost feel like I'm in Narnia where it is always winter but never Christmas. It's very depressing. I miss sending the kids outside. I am really glad that we'll be getting a greenhouse.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a regular week. I will miss my 2 hours of cleaning and organizing time, but I think we'll be back to a smooth running household. We'll be concentrating on kitchen clean up before we go to bed. We can't usually clean right after dinner because I am usually finishing my meal after spending most of the dinner time spoon feeding the twins. If I could be organized and have dinner ready on time, it would be easier and it will get easier as the babies are able to feed themselves better.

I'm looking forward to spring!! Please come spring!!

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