Sunday, October 2, 2011

Review-- Just not home enough

This was one of those "learning experience"  (a.k.a. failing) weeks.  The first mistake is that I had some scheduled appointment every morning this week.  They were all good and important things, but had I been more organized and had planned ahead better, I would have been able to do them all in the afternoon instead of the morning.  Lesson learned is that 10 a.m. is my kids' best hour for learning and that is when we need to be working on math, Greek and Latin -- no exception.  I was not home to work with my kids at that hour any of the days of the week this week.  The result:  no one finished all their requirements this week.  They watched a lot of Inspector Gadget and they could not focus well enough in the afternoon to get their work done.  They also need me to be home keeping them on task so that they will finish.  So this week was pretty much a disaster as far as school goes.  I made them all do some math on Saturday and that was good so that it wasn't a complete disaster and they know that they have to do math.  We will definitely be doing extra math this week unfortunately.  No more dentist and doctor appt. in the mornings, no more art classes or any other classes in the morning, no more being disorganized so that I have to do x in the morning.  I have to be home-- I have a full time real job educating my children and my morning hours are the most precious especially for those boys.

I did print out lists for everybody this week, but it was discouraging for them because we lost our mornings. Our week is much more open this week without a bunch of scheduled appts. so I think we'll do much better.  I have some serious decluttering and organizing to do.  We have got to keep up on our 5 min. pick ups and after meal dishes.  I can't wait to move-- it's still happening slowly, but I think it will happen.  Wish me luck!!!

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  1. I have a morning eye doctors appointment for Adam so I just decided it would have to be a half day for the little kids. I agree that 10am is the best learning time. I tried to get an afternoon appointment but we would have had to wait 2 weeks and Adam needs new frames, so if there is a new prescription to be had, I want to know now before I go and buy new glasses. I hope your week this week goes better.