Monday, November 7, 2011

Review of the week-- good and bad

We had group time 4 days this week and starting learning time of day and time telling vocabulary for Spanish.  We all love group time, we've been reading Chicken Soup for the Soul series and the kids love that the stories are set in modern times and it gives me an opportunity to explain a lot of things that are just common knowledge, but not to these little ones.  I also enjoy discussing the scriptures with them, and they are really learning a lot.  We had some fun singing time games to make it go quicker and it was good. 

The boys finished most their assignments.  We've had some trouble keeping track of our books this week, but I think we'll take away wii minutes for not having them.  The girls did most of their assignments but they didn't finish.  I told them that they need to be working for at least 5 hours a day not including piano, but including group time which is about an hour for them, then I send them off to do their work and keep going with the boys a little later.   When I see them talking to each other I tell them that that doesn't count, and it has helped some, but they are not as far along as I had hoped, so we're really going to have to buckle down this week and get started earlier.

We went to the Bean Science Museum at BYU where they have all kinds of real stuffed animals.  The kids really enjoyed it and I think they learned some new things about animals and living things.

The twins were really hard this week, the non-climbing twin would not stay in his crib to sleep, so not only did he not sleep, taking away my precious 2 hours of not taking care of them, he got his brother to get up and he was super cranky and just wanted to be held all the time.  So we put the side back up on his crib and I think I will feel much better and actually get some things done!!  Not a bad week week considering we had Halloween and a birthday celebration.  I was pretty cranky, but my husband took me on a date, helped organize the kids to clean the house and gave me some time to crash.  I feel rejuvenated and ready for this week.  Also, I love daylight savings.  And I have to exercise-- I only do it for 20 min,. a day, but it is 20 min I take for myself and when I don't get it, I am cranky!  Priorities!!!


  1. If my kids don't get their work done in the regular school hours I count that as "Homework" and then they have to get it done in the evenings. Ruth and Rachel are the best of my kids at getting all their work done.

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