Sunday, November 13, 2011

This was a boring, but very good week.  The kids finally got all their schoolwork done.  We didn't have any outside obligations especially since little #7 wasn't feeling well so all we had to do was work.  We started Miracle Music again which really is a lifesaver.  It's awesome to watch all the kids running to make their beds in time for the music.  I exercised Mon., Tues. and Wed.  I always miss Friday because our co-op is so dang early in the morning, and I was planning to run on Thurs. but I never made it out the door, but I felt much more in control this week and things moved smoothly.  We even had piano lessons and science experiments.  I have to take those 20 min. for exercise.  I'll try to get up earlier this week which of course begins the night before.  Also, it is clear to the girls that instrument practice should be done before or after school hours, and 5 hours a day are set aside for academic subjects.  So far so good!

The kids went to their first football game on Sat. It was cold, but fun for them. They were bundled up good.  The girls made a short film with our co-op on Friday based on Home Alone.  It was pretty funny.
On Monday night they dressed up like pilgrims and indians and performed with their ukelele class for a retirement center.  I was very proud of them all.  Life is good!  

We've got a lot going on this week.  I hope it all goes well and that we'll be able to do science and piano lessons and all the regular stuff again.  We are definitely going to have to get up earlier in order to do so !

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