Saturday, March 2, 2013


We have some very smart chickens apparently-- or maybe they are just freedom loving birds.  Anyway,  they got out of their coop and run area when there was still quite a bit of snow around the yard so they stayed in our yard and it was no big deal.  We didn't even bother locking them up at night.  But now, most the snow is gone and since our yard is devoid of grass and other interesting vegetation, those darn chickens go straight for the neighbor's yard.  Not nice for our neighbors.  So for the past 2 days, the kids have been putting the chickens back in the coop only to turn around 15 minutes later to find them escaped again.  The kids from the school bus come have come to help right when they get off the bus the past couple days.  Well, we finally had had it!!  #1 went out, gave them lots of fresh new straw, extra grain and plenty of water and most importantly found the holes where they were getting out, and they have now been contained for most of the afternoon.. Yay!!  We'll see what tomorrow brings!!

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