Sunday, March 17, 2013

Update on Choir

We had a bit of drama involving our church young women leaders-- ok so you are curious-- They held an activity for the 12-13 yr. old girls on hair and make-up at one of the leader's houses-- we decided not to send our girls to that one, just because we didn't feel good about it-- my husband took them on a daddy daughter date instead.  I was very relieved my girls didn't attend when I found out the next day on their facebook page that they had plucked the girls' eyebrows!!  I had no idea that was part of the plan, and to top it off, they did it all in conjunction with a lesson on inner beauty.  Talk about a mixed message!!  Anyway, when I voiced my concerns about it, they were defensive and not willing to work with me, so I diffused the situation the best I could, but they lost my trust.   I've had bad experiences with YW leaders in the past and I'm just not going to take any chances with my girls.  I understand that we are all learning and that people can grow into callings, but I need good role models for my girls at this time of their lives.  I'm not going to sacrifice their good feelings about themselves or confuse them by sending them into an environment that I perceive as unhealthy even if it is church with leaders who are called of God.  I am entitled to personal revelation for my family, and I feel like YW is not the best place for my girls to be right now.  They will still participate on Sundays, but the weekly activities will take a back seat to other activities that will help aid in their growth and development better as young women. 

Thankfully, choir had only been going for 2 weeks when this happened, and they were thrilled to have my daughters back with them.  My daughters are thrilled to be back and #2 even made the show choir this time.  I am thankful for Janeen Brady's Children's Choir.  She is a wonderful role model as is the director and the pianist, and I'm glad my girls get to associate with such nice people and such nice kids.

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  1. Good for you for standing up for your family's priorities. I have some strong feelings about this. I felt like my girls were kinda bullied into feeling guilty about not doing YW volleyball. (By the leaders!) Last I checked, it was optional. I love the church, but when you have 7 kids, your family is involved in every, single. activity. It can take over your life, and not in a good way. Sometimes the good, better, best mentality results in taking a step back. These are OUR families, after all.