Saturday, December 11, 2010

Review of the Week #7

The only part of group time we did this week was scripture study and singing Christmas songs. I organized our one on one time better to make sure everybody got the time with me they needed to get their work done. Everybody did great getting their main subjects and workbooks finished. I want us to get more used to this method before I reintroduce structured group time. I also had a few places in the house that needed organizing and decluttering. I got to do that this week and I feel soooooo much better. Assigning cleaning zones has worked great. This Saturday our Saturday jobs only took about 1 1/2 hours and the kitchen and dining room floors are mopped and the whole house was vacuumed and picked up. I feel so good with a clean house. There are a couple more places I need to declutter and organize, but we are making really great progress. It does help that the babies are getting older.

Number #4 passed his math test on the first try and started 2B. #3 is reading well and finally reading a lot of things on his own. #2 is making great progress in her Greek workbook. She is really getting it and understanding all the rules and functions of the language. She is also focusing better and getting her work done in a timely matter instead of dragging it out and getting very distracted. #1 continues to do well, she's just very good and mature and a joy to work with.

There is as always plenty of room for improvement. But improvements can't be made until these first steps are mastered. I think this new format of working with each child individually and assigning them to keep the 3 yob busy is a winning solution for us right now. The trick with homeschooling is that this format may stop working, but we'll keep it up until then. Then we'll do something else. the curriculum and the stuff we're learning are constant, but the way we do it may change.

Anyway, some changes I foresee is that we will need to get started earlier. That really can't happen until both babies sleep through the night consistently, but they are getting there. Another change is that I am going to have to add piano lessons in more consistently as well. We will also need to add in science experiments and lessons. Some of this will be covered in group time, some of it will just need to be added to the schedule.

Overall a good week. We accomplished a lot. It feels so good to work hard and play hard. We spent a lot of time on the wii this weekend and playing with friends, but it was well-deserved and I'm sure we'll be ready to go again on Monday after our day of rest tomorrow!!

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