Sunday, December 19, 2010

Review of the Week #8

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday went smoothly. #2 didn't need much help with math or Greek so that freed me up a bit. The preschooler was busy all week playing with our geotrax set and the girls were tired of being preschool teachers, so that gave them a little bit extra time to finish their stuff. The boys got all their stuff done early. I worked with them first and had the girls do the stuff they don't need my help with. It was a pretty good week. We went to a fun center Wednesday afternoon with some friends and had a great time. I pushed the twins around the skating rink in their stroller; it was really fun for me. We will definitely be doing that again these cold wintery months. We took Thursday off for an eye appointment and some errands. #4 is doing really well with that and making great progress. I took some time to sew which I just have to do sometimes and the kids watched T.V. It was hard to get back into our routine on Friday, but everybody managed to get their chores and their schoolwork finished before we went to a good-bye party for our good friends. Kinda sad, but the kids had fun sledding at their house which we will also miss.

So we are now at the end of the semester and really looking forward to our 2 week break. I want to use the time to get Christmas cards and gifts finished up, organize and sort through our massive collection of children's books and get the laundry under control. The laundry is amazingly out of control. The kids just want to play. It should be fun!!

I think we are going to do a Bethlehem dinner on Christmas Eve. I read about it on . Life is good. We are happy and I'm glad we homeschool and I'm glad for a break!

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